Venetian Snares Using Renoise...

…on what looks like Speed 01 and 200+ bpm, madness…

YouTube link



:D :P…=ST&f=12&t=9100

Bah, I tried searching the forum first for ‘venetian’ but nuffin came up.

Ah well.

No worries mate, haha. It’s still a fun video. Worth seeing twice. Now if only he would zoom in a bit!

yeh and do another, he could start a tutorial section :)


to be honest, I was not too impressed with the video … dunno, maybe because this is not my type of music. :rolleyes:

^^ HATER^^


nah, not a hater … just an “okay, but I dont care” guy :) I dont hate that easily, it makes cancer and all other sorts of bad stuff. :unsure:

Yeah- I was just fooling around.

nice remix by the way (nin)- you should check out my cover of a “warm place” by nin that I did. It’s linked from my sig.