Version 1.3 ?

How is Renoise v1.3 developing going? Any release date decided?

Please be more patient…
Even a normal betaperiod lasts longer than the time since 1.27 was released.

And as always, the answer is “when it’s finished”. We don’t do release dates.

What’s in plans for 1.3? Can you give away a bit of the secret?

You mean track freezing? Yeah that would be nice - and ‘Refridgerator’ is a lovely name for the feature :)

Renoise Refridgerator - the ultimate tool to keep your tracks coolB)

But then I guess the registered version should come with a true Renoise refridgerator designed carefully for all shapes and sizes of sixpacks

:lol: :D :lol:


upcoming features will be:

  • quantumdynamic bogon filter
  • shram-shram-plugin
  • thermostatic track control
  • nucleonic beer-holder
  • rearview mirror
  • ewer-support

LoL :D

  • and don’t forget the random songmaker, which gives u a hit record in no-time

You’ve got it all wrong. It’s not a random songmaker, it’s a hitmaker. Period.

yeah, please do that “make new song” button. please.