Vertical "in-place" Automation

The title says it all, but just to give you an idea here’s an old picture I found, which says more than words:

(of course, in the current Renoise it would all look much better and also different - functionality wise)

Not a new idea, really. But I thought I’d give it a spin, hope it’s still considered to-do. The current automation is nice, but having it “right-there” would be even nicer. What would add value to it would be if you could zoom out a pattern so that you’d see an entire long pattern, or even many of them. Yes, in addition to the horizontal arranger view.

Great idea !

funny idea.

but max/min wouldnt be that clear at first.

Left=min, Right=max. IMO that would be the most obvious. But it could also be displayed with a ruler or something… or you could see the value in the “status bar” at the bottom, while editing…

Talking about not clear at first… the panning in the automation of Renoise is very strange. Because everywhere else the LEFT channel is represented at the TOP (in the VU meter, sample editor, other programs’ automation and so on…), except in Renoise’s automation. Well, thank god there is the mirror function, in case you mistake this. ;)

Was about to say that the idea totally sucks…

…until I thought about the benefits. No more need for lower panel for drawing automations! Automation edit-mode where you can edit, insert and delete automation points in track solely with your keyboard without need to focus to another part of the screen. :)))) intuitivenessssss…

I like it.


Thinking about this alongside OS X Core Animation, (here’s a youtube video for good measure) I came up with the following Flash animation:

My animation is obviously not going to win prettiest or most reasonable/logical implementation award of the year, but I think this makes more sense than drawing vertical…

Drawing vertical is a good idea just because it implements no gimmicks. This clicking-flipping just trashes the only thing that makes the idea even worth considering! This thread is about draving [center]v
so don’t bring your horizontal propaganda here! :ph34r:

I’m thinking some sort of screen capture, rotation, you edit your envelopes (and you can’t edit your notes of effects as it’s basically just a bitmap wallpaper of the last instance before entering this specifc “overlayed” edit mode) then exit. The modifications envelopes are the same as the ones in Automation window below, but editied is a superimposed view.

Sorry but drawing vertical is not a good idea except maybe for panning. It’s the equivalent of implementing a vertical piano roll… or vertical oscilloscopes… the view doesn’t translate correctly.

-1 from me.

I don’t get this, what’s wrong with a vertical piano roll? Actually seems more logical to me than the traditional way. And why is vertical only good for panning, all the sliders in Renoise are left-right, are they only good for panning?


Why is it good? I think the main reason is:
You have an overview of the pattern while editing. You see the notes and other information while editing and that’s good for orientation. And you could see all the notes and other automation… from all the tracks! And you could quickly jump from editing one track’s automation to another, while having this overview.

I was thinking there could be a hotkey or a global view preset that you’d press and it would enter the automation mode. So you could quickly show and hide the automation.

And it would make a lot of sense to edit vertically with the eventual velocity automation.

Well… my superimposed core animation style idea could also be applied horizontally, upside-down even… Seriously, look at the linked demo and think Renoise 3000?

:unsure: I think you’ve lost me there… or maybe you’re thinking like real advanced future stuff…