Vertical Keyboard

edit: via reader contribution

I wonder how would tracking feel like with this keyboard :o

For anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the Quicktime player on the website…


I have to say it look very futuristic. It would fit perfectly into an episode of Star Trek!

Check this one out too; it’s my favorite:

Yes, that’s right folks: in the future, the act of flying an invisible stationary spaceship and typing at your computer will be entirely synonymous!


He missed the fact that you have to constantly hold your arms up in the air while typing, and not supported by the desk if you like on a normal keyboard. :huh:

its like fondling a human…

I was going to say the same thing. I guess if you want to work out your biceps?

I still love my keyboard:

It lifts up the front of the keyboard instead of the back, and really is very rounded in its design. Most of my wrist problems have disappeared since I started using it earlier this year. And thank goodness it’s a corded keyboard, I hate wireless keyboards and mice…

Instead of that I have a very high table. So basically my hands are in the same position as it looks from the sideview :D

I have the mouse in-front of the keyboard, not on the side. Just like a touch pad located in front of the keys. So my hands are more centred…

Microsofts pressure sensitive keyboard is the dreamkeyboard for Renoise!

I acctually filed a patent for the exact same solution to pressure sensitive keyboards back in 2000!
I had the idea that same ideas that they now have, that typing harder could be the same as holding down shift, that it would allow you to use it in games etc etc…

However there was a guy in japan that had filed a patent 4 years earlier.
Which I did not discover eventhough I went through thousands of patents to see if there was a similar.

It was not as good as my solution but it did not matter. If someone has patented a similar solution somewhere in the world you cannot patent it in any other country.

I wanted to take my patent and try to pursuade logictech or ms to make such keyboard.
Now it seems they will :)

It just took MS 9 to 13 years to catch up :)

Perhaps we should contact them.
Could be a great way to let the world know about Renoise.

MS is always running behind the facts, they have good engineers, but not very bright engineers.

Or better not…
I’m envious at their marketing department, those folks definitely understand their job, if we had only a few of those heads with our organisation, they could raise the sales figures quite easily.
However our so called “learning curve” would probably cause a tsunami of newbie questions and the download servers would probably die because of the unexpected enormous raise of download requests…
All in all -> Renoise is good, but the servers are yet not up to that kind of stream of demands.

:w00t: where do I send my credit card details?

Full N-Key rollover as well :)

Obviously a lot of work is done in software/by the driver so wonder if it adds much overhead…