Vertical Zoom For Automation...

… since for some fx/paramters/situations, only a certain range is interesting.


I might suggest using a hydra in some instances… you can focus in on a range with it using min/max ;)

Isn’t this where LPB is made for?

  • variable horizontal zoom, instead of 100%-200%-400%-800%

  • vertically resizable automation pane - because I really think it could use more buttons and general stuffs, so it’s sad to limit it to the height of the other panels.


It is part of the deal, pattern zooming is in the to-do feature list to expand this option in the future.

You guys missed the point entirely … he doesn’t want timeline zooming… he wants vertical zooming in the automation editor… the vertical axis in the automation editor isn’t time, it’s the parameter value.

My hydra fix would help in any instance where you only want to automate a fixed range throughout the entire song.

Thanks byte. Comprehensive reading FTW!


Perhaps you could click an ‘expand’ buton and it’d fill the pattern editor area with an enlarged version of it.
Something else that would aid this is a value entry field for selected point(s).

ah sorry…

Maybe an expand button just like the “expand browser” that is recently added?

Fluid resizing! Would rock for the top panels, too.

As for vertical automation zoom: the sample editor already has such buttons, so alle you’d need in addition to that would be a vertical scrollbar (which doesn’t show up when the vertical zoom is 100%).

fluid resize would rock indeed

i support the idea of a resizable automation pane!

These ideas are good, along with a general overhaul with the whole Automation system. Looking forward to the next version! :)

Shameless bump of my own thread which discusses this matter:

(It starts off talking about LFO envelopes, but naturally progressed to include Automation envelopes)

I think vertical automation is a really good idea. I remember Skale tracker had a very easy way of just drawing bars down the screen as you held the mouse down - making things like midi controller sweeps very easy.

oh yes vertical enlarge would be great!!! also for the instrument envelopes this would be very usefull for better finetuning!