Vhs Head

Has anyone listened to this stuff? I just got “trademard ribbons of gold” and I am loving it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frFs478OCbc&feature=related

As for the production I am really thinking that who ever this is (maybe someone from boards of canada or autechre…) it seems like they are using purely samples and probably working with audio. When I listen to this album I cant help but imagine that they may be using renoise or something similar because there is very precise editing of panning, transpose and all that stuff. Even having just gotten into Renoise in the past few weeks it almost sounds like lots of stuff is going on in this music that was demonstrated in the sample effect commands tutorial. Maybe Im wrong. But check this stuff out!

VHS Head is quite cool. I was rather hooked on Trademark Ribbons of Gold last year, especially “Sunset Everett”. Sure sounds like he might be using Renoise.

As for being someone from Boards of Canada, that rumour got dispelled quite a while ago. It’s a UK fellow named Ade Blacow.

great album. it does sound quite renoisian alright!

awesome thanks for sharing this

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