VI-like tracker

I prefer to use a small keyboard without numpad or fns keys but that is almost unusable inside Renoise. So i have been thinking about modal tracking lately. There are two modes usually - recording and normal one.
If there would be some other mode which would disable keyboard midi preview and map various tracker’s action to “normal keys” it would make things much easier with less keys.

I can also thing about some key combinations like pressing 10nz2s4 (10x insert note C2 with skip-step 4) which would help to make our workflow even faster. I am sure many veterans would think of better binding, but i hope you get the idea

If you do not know what i am talking about - plese try VI editor.

Does somebody know if something like this exists / existed? :slight_smile:


This concept could be integrated in a Command Palette.

An alternative could be a quick copy bar/beats shortcut where it copies the bar/beat your cursor is within to the following bars/beats and intelligently iterates through the pattern as you keep pressing the shortcut or outright continuously… Do you use Continuous Paste?

I know of something similar from web-development called Emmet, it’s really nice to use:

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That is great, I did not know about this tool.