VI weekend without Renoise

Hi binary people!

Quite a frustrating weekend is coming to an end for me - had to set up complex virtual instrument orchestration templates in Kontakt and because of it I departed from Renoise to keep up with more universal standard (ie. that MIDI export in Renoise is quite buggy, unfortunately) and out of fear how it would perform in such “deep waters” where CC automation needs to be perfectly implemented etc.

Reaper gave me routing headaches - more advanced setups are so counter-intuitive and labor-intensive someone should go to jail for that. Possibilities are amazing in that software, but that ReaMIDI plugin often has to be relied on and it does not always work as desired, unfortunately. It was the software that delivered in the end but huge amount of time was wasted on wondering why things that should work don’t and what are the alternatives.

The absolute star of the weekend for me though is the new FL Studio which couldn’t run Kontakt at all! After inserting it, I couldn’t close the window because when I did it, FL removed Kontakt and instantly replaced it with its own native sampler interface. Quite a tragedy if such a critical bug comes out after a minute of program use. They have implemented many new features (mainly their mixer can finally compete with the rest of the pack), but it looks like there are serious bugs in version 12.

Without getting into more boring details, every software has failed in some department, some on a lighter note, some plain crippling. After I’ve struggled through it all though, I came back to Renoise to quick test its limits - generally tried everything that I had biggest problems with outside of Renoise world and see how it will deal with it.

The result: it did everything without any errors, every test passed perfectly :smiley: All CC commands work as intended (didn’t achieve that in any other DAW this weekend, there was always something!), routing didn’t disappear, lose names, switched numbers, reroute or plain refused to cooperate (again, happened so much more often than I expected).

Long story short, I’m such a happy customer! If you’re a Renoise user living in a Renoise vault, wondering how much radiation is outside and the outside world is better than this shelter, don’t… do… it, it’s a trap!

I still wonder how well Renoise can perform with full orchstral setup (like full LASS and Cinebrass loaded for example), mainly from organizational perspective - how well the interface can take that much data without getting lost (it can even take 200 tracks for that kind of thing), but one way or the other, Renoise is a rock solid product that has absolutely no reason to be ashamed of when compared to major daws on the market :slight_smile:

If you’re a Renoise user living in a Renoise vault, wondering how much radiation is outside and the outside world is better than this shelter, don’t… do… it, it’s a trap!

Hah, that made me chuckle :smiley:

Can you perhaps elaborate over the buggy MIDI export - i.e., do you mean the MIDI export tool or when Renoise itself is sending MIDI?

Conner_Bw wrote the original MIDI export tool, I’m kind of holding the reigns for it now - so curious to know what you mean.

And I honestly haven’t tried composing with 200+ tracks, but some people have managed to pull this off.

In such a case, track grouping is definitely your friend :slight_smile:

Hmm few months back I used that tool then imported midi to another host (Reaper, I think). Some sounds were chaotic as if the wind would push them off their positions in random directions and not all tracks were imported (the notes from those tracks were pushed inside the imported tracks, also weird). But I just exported another track and played midi directly (which I then didn’t do to find out whether Renoise or the other host was the culprit) and everything’s fine. Also, Reaper imported and split them properly now.

I automatically assumed that it was the tool’s fault given that it was some user script, but it may have as well been the other host. False alarm, perhaps!

Ah, you properly encountered the “repeated note issue” that got fixed a couple of months ago.

So, false alarm, perhaps :wink: