Vibrato With VSTs, How ?

You can make vibrato on samples, ok good

I don’t seem to find a way to make vibrato on VST ?
I have tried to program them myself, automation on pitch, or whatever knob some VST has, but every
VST has different names on the controllers…

We need a global vibrato editor, so you can make them yourself, and put them on all tracks, no matter if samples or VST.

Putting vibrato on midi synth, is a nightmare! my pc tunes are nothing compared to my sweet C64 tunes with groovy vibratos :(


C-4 01 …

— vibrato-program.4

— vibrato.stop

If it’s possible, by routing the VST to another track, and adding a vibrato VST on that, then why not do this instead:

route track
apply vibrato VST on top of this
route back to original track

so, actually, you always have a routed track, you just dont see that you do, or use any time setting it up.

VST’s have their own internal routines…
If they even support vibrato themselves, the developer picks a parameter that you can use to alter it from within the host.
If the VST does not support vibrato or at least not alteration through parameters (some offer vibrator as an internal control but do not offer it as an external control), you are dependable upon frequency modulators as you indeed say so.

Connect an sinusoidal LFO to the MIDI Control device, and automate the pitch-bend?