Video Autopsy Of A Remix Made In Renoise

Alright there?

Here’s a little video I’ve made about how I made a remix in Renoise. The song is by a UK indie / trip-hop band called Azoora and it’s called “Lying Back / Fire In Our Eyes”.

Remixing in Renoise: Rude Corps remixes Azoora’s “Lying Back / Fire In Our Eyes”

Azoora release all their music for free download via their label…

and a free mp3 of my remix can be downloaded from

Enjoy! :rolleyes:

Nice work, i think the drums really work good together with the vocals, only when the vocals are not there the pitched snare drum sticks out a little.I think it can sound more natural if it is pitched less…Thats only in the intro, compared to the rest of the song the drums sound a little dry there too maybe… But then when it gets going it sets the mood well enjoyed it :)