Video Editing Software

I’m a Windows user… looking for something that will make quick work of precise cuts and edits… something that’s not a resource hog… premiere is a resource hog :angry: … what do you guys suggest?

Quicktime Pro? :)

Premiere Elements? :P

Not sure what are your exact needs, but I also hate the resource hogs and full blown “movie makers”.
You might want to try Multiquence.

Its a multitrack video/audio mixer from the developers of Goldwave.
I like its lack of bells and whistles (and the fact that it has many keyboard shortcuts).

That looks very use-friendly!

My father makes all his vacation movies with “pinnacle studio”

And if my father can work with that it is a very easy-to-use program

Blender has a video editing/compositing suite. It takes a bit of getting used to - especially coming from something like Premiere - but it’s quite interesting.

‘autodesk combustion’ …is more like special effects software …beats the crap out of after effects …if you think premiere is a cpu hog , try an older version of it

nice. i’m always using goldwave so should be an easy.

sony vegas pro, feels alot like soundforge and acid since sony bought em all.

its pretty light as well, and nice and quick with built in fx too should you ever need it.

i’ve always wanted to try using blender for video editing.

wow, it’s dope!
some simple tutorial:…g-with-blender/…equence_Editing

and of course blender 2.4.7:

i am pretty impressed with this, i’ve been meaning to have a deeper look into this, and now i kick myself for not having sooner!

Spaseebo, man! :yeah: This is a real time saver. Ultra cool and simplistic.

just spend an hour with blender…
…and this is how i feel right now.

looks damn intresting, though.
but it’s more like a 3d-studio clone, isn’t it?

Blender is unique isn’t it?
Had no idea it could sequence video. Awesome.

Video editing in blender is not that good unless you really know what you are doing. But generally it’s very flexible for both 3D and video editing.

Well, I checked out some requirement specs and some reviews… and it seems like the best mix between user satisfaction and lack of resource consumption is Sony Vegas. It apparently runs nicely on an 800mhz machine. I’m gonna try it and see how it works. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I’ll check out some of those if Vegas doesn’t work for me.