Video Tutorials

A while back there was this video tutorial posted by Vvoois and can be found on the wiki page. Can you supply me with some links of programs that will record audio/video in realtime while I’m editing/tracking/speaking. If possible also for OSX. I searched for it but came across commercial stuff and most of them didn’t record audio at the same time. Thanks in advance for providing the links and if possible put the links on the wiki page for other people to get going… :)

I use Camtasia studio for this ( ) , however i need to use the DirectSound driver because my Asio driver can only be used by one app at the same time.
Before this i used some German app (for 15 eurobucks) that converted AVI to gif which was pretty terrible to use.
Also tried Bulent’s screen recorder which i registered. A very crappy instable app, shitty audio recording performance and long time no update. As soon as an update came i had to shell out cash again so i already dropped that one by miles after i started using Camtasia.

Ok, thanks Vince! I’ll try that one out. If someone knows one for OSX let me know…

I found freeware Camstudio as quite usable - It’s got own lossless codec and quite neat Flash support.

P.S. Windows only though…