Videos on Renoise & Orchestral

Hey Renoisers,

Since my last thing, I’ve thought about making a video about how get going with orchestral in Renoise, since online info on the subject is sparse, and there are many little things to consider to have a smooth experience with it.

Would there be ANY interest at all on this topic?


Anything about making music in general will interest me and others who are serious in making music.Please do make a video.


I am absolutely interested in this topic.

If you do a deep search in the Renoise forums about the word “orchestra”, you will find many links to different threads.
This may indicate that there are quite a few users, more than we imagine, interested in Renoise and the orchestra, specifically the symphony orchestra. Although not everyone connects the same week to read the forums.

I suppose that if you publish videotutotiales on symphony orchestra for Renoise, there will be interest, but it will take time to reveal itself, like many topics here.

Just do it. It’s great to see what others do in a genre as complex as this.

Yes, it would be nice to see your video! I am looking forward to it.

yes i would be interested

Late to the party, but yes. I’ve been having issues trying to program Orchestral libraries in Renoise- since the sound is altered by velocity, and the keyboard just has a single velocity. Its difficult to brainstorm up some ideas- I’m still trying to figure out a way to make it less convoluted(that doesn’t feel like the right word)

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