View Files Via Date Modified

I have a HUGE directory of Renoise songs. The way I normally categorize my files is via date modified. This allows me to know right away which files I most recently worked on.

I was quite happy that the option to open the files using a regular windows requester was put in Renoise in the file menu, but it doesn’t seem to keep the settings I have for the view of that folder–I have it in my Music folder which I’ve customized the details of the view of so I can see the files via date modified–but Renoise wont use those settings–it uses the standard settings for a music folder, so if I try to view it via details, I get Name, Artist, etc–but no option to see the file via date.

So far, the only way I can quickly load the most recent file is by first closing Renoise if I have it open, then open the folder, sort, and then double-click the song icon: If I don’t quit Renoise first, it loads a second instance of Renoise which is always a really bad thing–I’ve had serious instability issues when that happens and usually end up restarting my computer just to be safe.

This option isn’t really THAT important since there IS a workaround, but it sure would be handy :)

Right click somewhere in the Renoise Disk Browser “Sort Files -> Date”

That’s fantastic!