View Menu Expansion For Future Renoise Versions

View menu expansion for future Renoise versions.

I’ve been thinking, in future Renoise versions there will probably alot of new stuff in it.

Maybe in the future Renoise will have alot of stuff like Pattern Editor / Piano Roll / Sequencer and advanced sequencer and more stuff. Until there is no space left in the GUI anymore :o

But i think the view menu on top should be expanded and you can either choose a View Preset or customize certain parts of the GUI / Renoise main screen.

So people can fully adjust Renoise to their own taste, some wants the default pattern editor view and some wants only a piano roll view. I think its a good way to avoid too much hassle in the future (so that renoise doesnt look too complicated in the end). but that everyone can choose their “own preferred” GUI. This way you can add endless amount of features without messing up the Renoise GUI. so that it looks as it is right now but with way more features.

I like the idea that alot of features is going to be added and i saw some “concept” screenshots here with the pianoroll thing. I was just a bit afraid that Renoise GUI will get too complicated or too clumsy so there wont be a clear simple overview of it anymore. and the fully customizable GUI idea would solve this. ^_^

What do you guys think? :)

I think the same!

strech and squeeze all the menus like the pattern arranger on the right.

strech and squeeze FTW!!! :yeah:

No windows please.

as long as renoise stays a “one-window app”

Yes i was not talking about draggable windows tbh, just replaceable components of the Renoise main screen by going to the top view pulldown menu and select from there.