Vintage PA system from the 80s... any idea what this could be worth?

Hey, I recently took over this old PA system after my father (rip), who used it for touring with his band.

I don’t really want to sell it, but I don’t have room for it anywhere at the moment, and it’s insanely heavy…!
Dreaming of a bigger studio where I could use it for mix-testing and general crazyness.

Anyway, has anyone got ANY idea of what something like this might be worth?
I looked up some of the parts on eBay, but it’s still hard to figure out a sensible price for it all, since this PA has solid milage, and I don’t know if vintage PA parts are that popular…

Any tips or help is appreciated :)/>

Looks cool! I’m not so shure it’s the most sought after PA equipment though. Modern designs are more portable and i believe it’s not the higher end of PA’s, even though it’s solid stuff, so i think your target here is mostly younger people that just started a band and has room for it.
I’m no expert at all, so i might be way off, but if i was to guess i’d say about 10.000-15.000NOK (about 1.500-2.000USD) in Norway. I think it’s probably worth even more, but i think it would be hard to find a buyer for it.

Hey thanks for the input guys.

i was to guess i’d say about 10.000-15.000NOK (about 1.500-2.000USD) in Norway.

That was my initial gut feeling as well, at least a good place to start if I choose to sell this stuff.
I might keep the EQ though, could be nice to have in the studio for some hands-on/eyes-shut tweaking.

first off i’m sorry for your loss Denim, been there not so long ago, this sucks badly. secondly - holy shit mate, that looks like it could piss off lots of neighbours :badteethslayer: . too bad you dont have any place to store it, i’m afraid there would be more fun from using it than profit from selling

Thanks man.
Yeah you might be right, I’ll definitely keep it if I find a safe place to store it before winter. I have a feeling those Cerwin Vega subs could provide some good fun :slight_smile: