Vinyl Control

Vinyl Control?



I don’t think Vinyl control DIRECTLY is a good idea. But some sort of OSC support to control track playback may be. Although I am not sure if it would work. Probably would require heavy changes in the core.


Some sound up-f*cker? Why should this be a native DSP? Sounds like a plugin for me.

No he meant the solution to control renoise playback with vinyl control systems. (A vinyl disc with special timecode signal on it, and a software which can scratch audio according to the signal it recieves from turntable).

yes. this would work with OSC (OpenSoundControl)
as i believe there are hardware devices for this.
this would be pretty cool, having a turntable controlling bpm or speed(pitch) and direction. have wanted something like this for a few yearsnow :

vinyl controlled sequencer.