Violent Composure

I don’t know what to make of this song and cannot even figure out the genre.

It has my typical distortion (thankyou renoise for your crunchy goodness) and mixes what sounds like industrial, drum 'n bass (ala arrangement) with a little scoop of amen chopped up on the side.

Hardcore? Absolute crap? You tell me…

Used renoise along with one vst from Quantum 64 and another I don’t recall offhand and some 909 samples and an amen I broke up a bit.…reSynthEdit.mp3

The above song has increased in tempo as the result of a good suggestion from dj io.

Here are some others I started working on, and still need to finish. Would like some comments on them as well if possible.…Asia%20Epic.mp3


typing while listening

violent composure… tempo seems kinda slow for techstep like this. i think it could use another 15-20bpm … i know that’d f**** up your amen synchronization though . i love the distorted loop that comes in around 1:50… and starts developing around 3:50… really nice sound coming from that. i like the cut up you did of it. reminds me a lot of some of my old jungle songs actually.
seems like the song could use some more high end instruments, some pads or maybe just a couple synths here and there (like a note or two every bar) to accompany the bass. nice dark stuff :)

asia epic - i like the piano part coming in at the end, seems like it has a lot of potential for harmonic interaction with the bassline, although the last note in the sequence seems extremely wrong. you should take this part and just set free and compose more, see what you can come up with, you might surprise yourself

scales - some interesting stuff going on here :)

keep up the good work… i’d like to hear these when you finish them!

Here is a bit of a tempo change that I just made. I went ahead and sped it up a bit. -…ComposureV2.mp3

I will also see what I can muster in the synth department as well. Thank you for the encouragement! I was looking for a dark sound and I am happy you recognized it as such.

For some reason when I make anything jungle/drum 'n bass related it sounds like older jungle or older breakcore.

As if I never progressed from that perioud of music making. It’s strange. Maybe it’s because I don’t appreciate a lot of the newer stuff and still really enjoy old techstep/jungle?

Check out if you haven’t already heard it from my site. You like the old school rough stuff I think you will like it.

I thought something was off in Asia Epic. For some reason I could never pinpoint it. I have listened to the song dozens of times and could never really figure out where I had made the mistake, only that it sounded wrong. I will study it closer and try to develope the piano part a bit more.

Scales I think can turn into a really nice horror movie style production. I am having difficulty completing it.

Thank you for your comments.

i will listen to violent composure as soon as i get home from work & give you feedback

also if i have enough time to do some tracking, i might mess around with the tune from asia epic and see if i can give you some ideas on where to take the song

as for your music sounding old… who cares? if it’s what you like, then that’s what matters! i don’t really see any need to keep up with the newest trend, especially in jungle, usually it’s something really stupid like “oh yes, we’ll put a kick drum at this part of the beat for 6 months”, or all the basslines will have the same type of synthesizer sound… if you listen to DJ mixes, all the songs will sound almost exactly the same. it’s incredible actually, the lack of variance in some specific subgenres of electronic music. just think about it, there is a lot more variance and dynamics in the type and styles of music that you will hear on one person’s SOLO album , but when you hear a compilation with 15 DIFFERENT artists, all the songs sound exactly the same? weird.

anyway. sorry for the rant. i’m on the pursuit to find my own sound that isn’t like anybody else’s.

ok, got a chance to listen to both v2 and the synthedit you emailed me, the tempo change helps immensely. starting at around 2:15, i do like the synth line you added… but you took out the bassline? this synth isn’t really low enough to be bass, so i would add a bassline, like a low sine waveish bass, pure or maybe just a little bit distorted. starting at 2:50 the 8th notes that are playing are nice, but they sound kinda i don’t know… cheesy how there’s no variance in the rhythm… i would spice it up with some 16th notes or a syncopated pattern. might want to try gating it ( i had a gate vst but i can’t remember the name of it and can’t check right now since i’m at work … it would gate any track you put it into) … while i like the synth line, i still think it needs some stuff in the higher frequency range like over 1000hz

but seriously , don’t take my advice too strong, i’m just giving suggestions … you can always just say “stfu mate” :)

alright mate, i just f****ed around with your asia epic song for a little while and added (a whole lot) of my own touch… here’s what i came up with… you are free to copy/use any of this, or hopefully be inspired by it :)…elp_trepain.mp3

let me know if you want the .rns file, although it uses some vsti’s

the main thing i changed to make it sound more “right” is the last note in the bassline… seems like in your version it wasn’t in the same key as the rest so it sounded awkward with the piano line not transitioning… but then after that you will see i added a shitload of harmony … as i tend to do with my songs


I know exactly what you mean concerning the cheeseyness :) and I don’t take offense whatsoever so no worries.

I appreciate suggestions!

I played around a bit with the notes and it’s not quite as cheesey, but I need to modify it quite a bit more.

Sounds amazing! I was blown away the other day when I heard it.

The only thing is, it keeps buzzing in my head and I would hate to copy it. Just would not feel right.

I added some to asia epic today and I am happy with some of the change, but I still have a bit to go to make it “right” so to speak.

I gave a little overhaul.

Took out much of the site and made a much simpler version with a flash player for my songs now. Just have to reg that soon.

Check out the renoise interface in the background of the pic on the main page.

Hi Trepain,

you can use this flash player instead, it’s open source. ;)

Greets, Alex

thanks man! i hope it inspired you!

i would love to hear what progress you’ve got so far!

great hard beat…
the synth work didnt move me though…
also some more things (vocal snippets/sfx) in background needed.
it was the beat that carries the song to that higher level.

at 5.00 mark amen loop sfx use is exactly what i mean. this makes the song (that part) complete, it adds personality… just a melody and beats doesnt give personality.

Enjoyed it… crunchy maddness in the end. :drummer:

i totally agree

That flash player does look very nice! You certainly cannot beat the price.

The reason I am going with Wimpy, aside from the very low price, is I can just throw mp3s on my server, subdirs, etc. and it will display it just by just scanning those dirs when the player is loaded.

Also will read the id3 info. Tons of other features, skins, etc.

No messing with playlists and other annoyances.

i saw a php script somewhere online, which simulates these features and generates playlists on the fly, don’t know where it was, i’ll try to find it again. skins are not really supported, but one can change the *.fla project file. sadly not that easy like real skins.

greets, alex

Edit: I’ve found it.…ylist-generator