hello gang.
while waiting the 1.5 i keep jerking with 1281…
i d like to make a breakdown with violins… the need to be only decent coz they are for a gabba track. and for few second:-)
do you know some Free ( or demo) Vsti that can make something like that?
and don’t reply MOST of them, since i dont want to spend hours for that sound, so i need a “violin” preset :slight_smile:
i m thinking of buying that Refx Vanguard thing. so i guess a perset for that will do anyway.
Or maybe a good sample can do… who has some?

thanx in advance!


:yeah: edirol orchestra for any that kind of instruments!!!

…or just from general midi map, program number 41 :D

*edit, from edirol hyper canvas i find out some good violins allso…

If you want free synth strings try Superwave p8 or Synth1 There are some very usable 80s string presets with p8 and synth 1 has string presets also. These tho may require some tweaking for better sound!

For some free string soundfonts try Here + free soundfont player here

Hehe, I own one :P
And man, those sample-violins suck big time. But since you only need decent then almost anything will do… go to local library and loan some vivaldi or whatever, there you have bunch of good violin samples.

EDIt: eh, I did not look at the sub-thread-labeling… only VSTi I know that have good violin is Edirol Orchestral, which was olready mentioned.

Yep have to admit that those sfs are not the greatest in the world and not used them myself in any tunes bar the cello but as you said hifi was not the issue. :)

speaking of non-free VST violin instruments (as you mentioned Edirol Orchestral), I like Garritan Personal Orchestra: relatively cheap and good sounding.

You will have a demonstration of it by me when I will finally finish my new song :)

It-Alien is right!! Garritan personal orchestra is very good… I use it sometimes and it sound real…

Btw, if you are Bill Gates’ son, you can buy the “quantum leap east/west symphonic orchestra”. It really rules your ass…

If I was Bill Gates son, I would buy the london symphony orchestra!! :P

I had the possibility to test Garritan some times ago … i’m not so enthusiastic about … all sounds have a really low level … a little bit poor … i think there are better akai-string-collections with a better sound at all … don’t know?! …

Hey, if you want some nice violins/strings, and I mean VERY nice :D check out the Sampletank Demo Version!

It’s got a whole bunch of free instruments;


And a VERY sweet piano.