Virgil's Impending Techno Swing

Shameless self-promotion… net EP released on Ronin!
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Benefit of the Boomerang, known worldwide for his trademark armpit progressions, did five distinct tracks in celebration of the concept of electronic music, because that’s what this is all about: making electronic music to break stuff to.Inventive synthprogramming, brilliant chordprogressions and perfectly balanced and mastered music has nothing to do with this release. After touring planetary system Scol Ev-Aar, with Principal D, Bill Splate and Jack Rabies, BotB recorded his latest online release with none other than Virgil and his Impending Techno Swing band! These five morbidly obese warthogs have described Benefit of the Boomerang as: “Nice guy” and "he really knows his beers."This new astonishing work of art has once again shocked humanity and already experts are claiming the definition of music should now change. Especially the part where that one beat kicks in with the thing going on in the back, seems to be people’s favourite. Find out for yourself!

  • Ronin Collective

awesome !! it’s on repeat, nice n fresh, funkeh, funneh at times and in your face. slap

:ph34r: wish i made hesparisis myself ! ^_^ well… you know what i mean… great song !!

Thanks a bunch, captain!
Hesparisis was the biggest effort, I’m glad you like it :)

Fantastic stuff man. very original and adictive ! i heard trough all song.
some of the tunes make me think of old tracker composers like dreamer abd such.
Could also mention comercial guys like Bentley Rythm Ace :)

One of my new favorites right now… keep on rocking !