Virus Ti Software 2.5

Hey, it arrived. But due some bad reads on the unoff virus forum, i dont want OS 2.7 beta

The virus already has 2.5 inside, but I guess i have to install something on the PC ?

So, if you have 2.5, please let me have it! thanks a lot!

You must always update your Firmware before make sentences, :D

I understand you, but i found that Access is a serious company and I always updated the firmware, the 2.7 beta is improved compared to the 2.5
More fast and stable, i use the virus control plugin, and i can say that the 2.7 is better!

BUT!!! heheh if u like and you are happy with the 2.5 stay with it, the beta is really nice, and you can enjoy the Atomizer.

ok, my previous blind eyes found the 2.5 os on their download page, but now i use 2.7 anyway … pahahaha

it might not work properly in renoise, but i can still make sounds in it, and thats more than enough.