Virus Ti VST Crackle

Probably part of the documented “Virus TI” Failures considering its “Total Integration” feature is more like a “Total PITA”

Still, Registered Renoise today - thinking that this problem might have been related to not having ASIO available.

Unfortunately not.

When using the TI with Renoise, I get crackling and squelching - dependent on the patch I’m using. I don’t get it if I’m playing the Virus live, but as soon as I record some notes into Renoise and play them back, the noise artifacts start up.

I’ve had a poke around and I think there are Clock issues with Renoise and the Virus TI2.

I’ve been messing with this thing for a while now and it’ll play back a sequence fine providing the patch is completely dry. Omitting the ARP or Delay functions will generally fix the crackle I’m getting. Reverb seems to work fine, but as soon as I add Delay in or turn the patch Arpeggiator on - Carnage.

Playing with the Midi Clock didn’t seem to do a lot in this instance either.

The odd part is that it really does just work fine apart from this strange issue when using Delay and Arpeggiators from the TI.

Tell you what though, the battles I’ve had with this TI - I have to say… Buy softsynths folks, it ain’t worth the hassle.