I’m getting a lot of virus mail to my adress.
As I believe the other developers don’t have this virus,
it is probably some of you users who are infected.
Please, please, with sugar on top, install an antivirus
program and use it regularly. And don’t open those attachments…
Thank you.

(Personally, I strongly believe that people who do open those
attachments on a regular basis should not be allowed to own a
computer… This is a lot larger problem than me or you getting
a couple of spam mails each. It eats huge amounts of bandwidth
on internet connections all over the world, and generally makes
computer communication systems a lot more expensive. If everybody
just followed some basic, simple guidelines, the problem would dissapear).

sounds like the myDoom virus is doing it’s job really well. 1 in 12 mails are trojan-ed.

yeah it’s irritating… but inevitable.

bantai: if you’re a geek, they’re retards.

I had to disable catch-all on my mail server (the setting which redirects mail sent to erroneous addresses to a default address) because I was receiving more than 80 mails a day because of this virus. Now I only get 10 of them.

I also have the same problem Bantai has: if I try to educate people about this problem, I’m labeled as “too serious” and receive some “get a life” statements… <_<

Of course, this does not prevent the same people from calling me when their PCs do not work anymore because they are jerks…

It doesn’t cost much to be a bit safer. In addition to Just Don’t Open That Damn Attachment:
AVG Antivirus is a free antivirus program that has received good scores in many tests I’ve seen.
It can be set up to run in the background (or not, sometimes that’s not desireable when working
with CPU-intensive audio stuff), and if you use Outlook it can also automatically check your
incoming mail for possible viruses.

Personally, I strongly believe that the company that develop software and os that make these type of viruses possible shall not be allowed to develop software and os for computers… ;)
You shall not need to be any expert to use programs that are built for laymen. Many users are without doubt “stupid”, but that shall not hinder them to use a computer. It is up to the company that produces the software to make it so safe so this type of attacks shall be impossible. Why the heck make an os where you have to be administrator to be able to run the os properly, so every program that you run on the computer will be run as administrator and have full controll over the whole system? Why the heck make a mailprogram where you can execute attachements without even save them to disk? Why the heck make an adressbook that can be accessed by every program on the whole computer? etc etc ;)

German people might want to use AntiVir Personal Edition. Not sure, if that one is also available in english language.