Visit To Nuada

This is a song complelty made with Renoise
I’m starting to understand how it all works :D

Visit to Nuada


Synth-prog meets loose wild 80s electronica. Cool for it’s strangeness, but maybe lacking some bolder sound mangling techniques to transport it out of the 80s.

Thanks for listening Foo

It is actually the fisrt complete song I’m doing with Renoise, and it is not finished yet.
Comming from Buzz it was a bit of an adaptation but I’m getting there.

You are right about the 80’s reference, propably due to my age :)
I’ll have to realy experiment to get rid of that 80’s sound and start experimenting with new sounds. Won’t be easy for me, because somehow I allways fall down to the same type of sound… even if I start programming a synth from scratch

Perhaps you have some tips ?



Well I don’t think the 80s element is a drawback at all! You’ve just got to mix that with something fresh sounding. The trouble is defining just what ‘fresh’ is.

A few years ago I would have suggested that you go get a heap of granular effects and start glitching things up, but in this day and age I just don’t think that cuts it anymore. There are some in avant garde fields that would state that ‘noise’ is where it is at, but other will say the ‘new-folk-electro-acoustic’ approach would be it. Again, I’d say neither.

For me, something that no one is really exploring deeply, is pure warm music. LP filter everything, and very selectively reveal ‘lead voices’ in the high frequencies at just the right time. The tone and music remain, but no texture gets in the way. Dubbing on acoustic instruments on top of that would mean that they are perfectly framed.

Also, less is more.

Now that I’ve found out most of the features of Renoise, very good manual BTW., i’ll have to concentrate on the sample mangling features.
Look pretty powerfull at first glance.
Still a lot to learn, but this will give possibilities to create new sounds.

I actually wonder, if you know that section well, if you still would need vsti’s…


This is some kind of a final version of the song.
The intro & outro are shorter.
Middle part is longer with a couple of variations on the main theme
Vovoder track has been redone, now we can understand the words :)

And my first test with mangling in real time of some samples :)

Very interesting experiment…