Visual Help When Programming Teh Beatz


Personally I’m the kind of tracker that loves splitting up the beat in a quadrillion parts en use all of em in some way in the track.

Problem when filling the track up completely with these bits, is that its sometimes hard to figger out where all the key parts are (kick snare etc).
Sure you can figger out that C-409… is a highhat, and C#409… a rimshot in one instrument, but it’s not really that intuitive when programming beats imo.

Especially when you want to recreate parts of the same beat with another instrument, or want to couple the individual sounds, like a kick with a certain bass hit or effect etc in another track.

When tracking in speed 6 this might not be that big of a deal, you can listen and playback per line by pressing the enter key…
still most of the time I program the beats without listening after every step I do, and some kind of visual representation would benefit me a lot to track in the beats faster, especially when tracking at maniac speeds with dense patterns :)

Wouldn’t it be helpfull to have some kind of visual help - keywords , that could be linked to samples of your choise? it would replace the normal C-409… notation with something like highhat (or the instr. slot name), and pop up the C-409… when hovering above it with the mouse or something if you’d need the details.

I did something really quick in paint, that’s defenitely lollable but maybe gives a hint to what I mean:…ssse%20goed.bmp



i think if you rename the notes you will lose track of where they are on your keyboard. maybe it would be nice to have a switch in the instrument configuration to automatically color code your notes based on what note you enter - running through the color spectrum and/or getting brighter per octave?

yeah, great idea…color coding the different samples in a instrument could defenitely work, and maybe isn’t as hard to implement as my idea. Hopefully one day this will be possible.