Visual Settings On Plugins..


I have been using 1.9 for a few hours now and I am really liking the extra visual stuff on the fx.

I wonder though… On the EQ5 and EQ10. Since the display is so small, is it really necessary to have vertical lines on the EQ display? I think this looks messy then things are this small, and since we have the freqency actually written on the display too, can we get rid of this?

The new features are very nice, but I feel that the interface is in danger of getting a bit messy…

Get a bigger monitor! ;)


What would be nice, now that we have these visualisations on the plugins, would be an option to expand or shrink them, so we can see the details a bit more.

I love the VU meter on the Maximiser by the way. It is so slick. Reminds me of the VU meters on Protracker on the Amiga. Sexy

In certain themes especially the EQ graphs (and Bus Compressor graph, Mixer EQ, etc) can quickly become quite difficult to look at. The colour values which previously looked ok don’t quite work 100% when squashed down into that small area. Because there isn’t much space between the lines, they immediately “appear” to be brighter than they really are, which is a bit distracting for the eye.

If the EQ graph is going to share the colours of the automation/instrument envelopes as it does currently, I think that perhaps the EQ curve should get its colour from “Automation_Line_Edge” instead of “Automation_Line_Fill”, since “Automation_Line_Edge” is more commonly found to be a highlighted colour in the themes that I looked through.

Alternatively, the graph in the Master Spectrum view currently gets its curve/line colour from “Main_Font”, this would also be more suitable for the EQ graph (though this never made much sense to me, why the line was based on the main body font colour).

If possible, I think it might be cool if the EQ graphs were filled with a solid colour like the envelopes, with a highlighted line on the edge. This would probably make it a lot more visible?

Anyway, it’s been said before, but overall I think Renoise will really benefit from some updated theme handling. It would be superb to keep all of the main components isolated from each other, and having unique colours for all of their individual elements. I understand that it would make theme creation a little more tricky, but it seems like the further this matter goes unresolved the more difficult it’s going to be to fix later.


Yeah I agree. I am all in favour of theme updates.

One of the main things I love about Renoise is the way it looks. Its visuals are so important. I think it must be kept slick and simple.

I had a look at Reaper the other day and it was DISGUSTING to look at. So cluttered and rancid. Please dont let Renoise get like that.

New features need to be subtley intergrated into the interface, not just thrown on the end of what is there already.

It is OK at the moment, but I fear that it might get too cluttered

I think the new graphs and meters in the dsp section are cool, just fine doesnt’t come across to cluttered for me, but maybe that’s because of the theme I’m using.

Yeah, I am a real fan of the Lean and Mean approach, so any new features that distract my eye are going to be a pain

All of the fx look ok, apart from the EQs.

If anything, they also dont match the other DSP fx. Compare the background of the Bus Compressor graph (which is nice) to the background of the EQ5 graph.

Yeah I think they’re wicked, too, it’s just that the colours need to be shuffled around a little bit.

For example, try some of these themes:

dblue_rns18-001 ( :) )
mindbeat_XPblue / XPgreen

Now, I don’t personally enjoy all of these myself, but they are all valid themes in their own right. They were configured so that all the elements looked ok, and there was some contrast to everything, etc. But in these themes the EQ graph is simply wrong-looking because it’s using some slightly different colours than people were expecting.

So I think it just needs a couple of tweaks and it should be ok.

For example:

On the left is how the 1.9 beta currently looks.

On the right is how it might look if it behaved in the same way as the automation/instrument envelopes.

I think it would be a lot clearer this way… does anyone agree? Does it make sense?

No, my theme is fine.

Check this pic for what I mean…

Yeah I knew what you meant. If the lines were more muted, like the they are in the bus compressor, that would also be a big help. But I still think the overall clarity could be taken a step further.


Ah ok. Just wanted to make it clear.

Yeah, I think for the sake of continuity at least, the lines should all be like the ones in the Bus Compressor.

As for improving the clarity further, I am also with you on that one.

Like I said, the ability to enlargen the display for detailed work would be great.

Also, the graphs are just visual indications of the settings which are adjusted using the sliders… How about being able to tweak the graph too, as in most 3rd party EQ plugins.

I have changed the filter response things now to use the same colors as the spectrum view. This makes it at least “usable” on all themes that I have here…


Can you make the background the same on all DSP effects graph windows too! (See my post Bus Compressor vs. EQ)


Really loving what you have done with 1.9 by the way. You are a true legend Taktik

While on the visual subject, I’m wondering if it might be possible to compact the vst-effects (that have its own gui) some? It is quite a lot of horizontal space wasted, which makes it harder to grasp the overall view of the effect-chain. I dunno, have it occured to anyone else?

Right, I have just had a play around with the theme and have matched the Grid lines in the EQ to those of the Bus Compressor. This also affected the lines in the Automation, and the Master Spectrum.

Do you think it would be better to seperate these 3 elements in terms of theme?

That was done because of the new preset system.
If they were made more compact we would have to redesign the preset GUI.
But of course it is possible to change this I guess.

That was fixed as well…

If someone could paint an idea for that which works, I see no reason why I should not implant this.
I simply found no graphical solution for that…

Please don’t change the new EQ graphs, fix for themes and whatever, cool. But as they are now they f****ing rock.

I too, for the first 5 minutes thought, what a waste of space, but then i actually used them and was like, oh, i’m a retard, this is totally what I always needed.

Seriously, this is not clutter in any way shape or form.

i would like to be able to expand and compact all the dsp effects/vst effects on a channel down to just say:

the name of the effect, a check box to expand it, the typical arrows to change the place of the effect in the chain, the X to delete the effect, the check box to enable/disable the effect, and the name of the preset you currently selected.