Vithrakh - Walked Alone


After using quite a few different trackers back in the days (FT2 was brilliant!) I’ve spent the past few years away from using anything that would even remotely resemble a tracker; so finding Renoise was a pleasure indeed. :)

This is just my first experimental track in Renoise, so I’m throwing the Soundcloud link in here even though the genre may be a hard sell for most.

Everything has been recorded and mixed in Renoise, of course.

Vithrakh - Walked Alone

Nice blending genres!

I don’t care too much for ‘genres’ - always have an open mind. Good stuff is good stuff. This is good stuff, really iconic… it’s going to be in my head for a while!

More please!

Thanks for the feedback, I’m happy to hear that you enjoy it! :)

Considering my user experience with Renoise so far, I’m not stopping here. ;)

I do not remember that I heard something like that. Damn, it sounds great. Keep up the good work :yeah: :panic:

really like it!