Vivace - Zaaderdag Ep

Hi! A small three-track release from me to you. Experimenting with Renoise 2.5, Reaktor 5 and four-the-the-floor dance arrangements, so this is all pretty new to me, too. Because I still have no decent place to upload my zips to, I’m going to have to ask you to listen and download (or the other way around) through my Soundcloud. Anyway, without further bollocks, here’s Zaaderdag EP! Hurrah!

Vivace - Zaaderdag EP (set)
01. Zaaderdag
02. Tussendoor
03. Bad Hare


You can create “Set” in soundcloud with those tracks, so people can listen them in the row and stuff.

Great music BTW!


Thanks! Good tip, have done so :) Cheers for the props, sir!

Absolutely blinding.
You’ve moved onto a new sound with no loss of quality.
Congratulations for having added another genre to your arsenal.

EDIT: Nevermind. Seems when you view them in the Set the Download link is missing. If viewed directly through your page it is. Weird Soundcloud glitch.

DoubleEDIT: Downloan links are there, just not the big buttons. Small arrow at the end of each track in the set, not above the main one focused. Anyway downloading now.

Personally not my kinda thing but sounds quite nicely produced and I think the people I know who play tech-house, fidget and bassline kinda stuff might be quite into it. In my opinion better than a fair amount I hear in those kinda genres but as it’s not my realm maybe I’m not really best to comment…

good job :) i like the last track most. but everything is very well done.

Nice quality man

ZAADerdag…a day dedicated to the misses :°

Really great tunes BotB. The sound is awesome.

Thanks for the listen, guys! Nice to hear you guys dig this, also considering where I ‘come from’. At first I figured I’d have a snowball’s chance in hell when taking on housey vibes like these, but it grew on me faster than I imagined. w00t! :)

I really like the fact you try new things. Track 2 and 3 are also very nice, but… Zaaderdag, das übercheese! I’m afraid I really can’t stand it, it almost sounds like that popi-jopi Hardstyle :(

Of course this is just a simple opinion. Kudos for experimenting!

Haha, I know exactly what you mean, but hey… at least I pulled it off :P (doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it… but ssssh ;) ) Cheers for listening, captain!

excellent tunes, thanks for posting them :)

Cheers for your thoughts! :) Though I feel the emphasis IS on the beats, maybe I ought to try to push the leads more to the foreground… make the song ABOUT the melody, could be a good idea, thanks!

Yeah I know, don’t worry, your feedback is appreciated! I think you might have a point, I tend to get carried away with my beats, but gotta put it to the test first and see if it works for me, too :)

And now these 3 tracks + 1 are released on the brand new PIRACY RECORDS!

Vivace - Straatpiraat EP

still like this stuff :)
is Piracy Records your own project ?

Thanks for the listen and comment dude! :)

Partly my own project, it’s an initiative from Sinus Sawtooth, but since we’re all in the same ‘Kaizoku-boat’, I’m helping out as nuch I can :)

then i wish you guys good luck with the lable :yeah: