Vlaxmar xiro


here a new sound not finish. i don’t have any idea to end this. i like the last rumble bass but it is too massive to mixe it with other things.

there are only a homemade kick , with 909 sample + a “piou-piou” at 240 bpm

your comment are welcome

Wow that hit pretty hard and fast. :)

I’m assuming it’s a WIP, right? It’s kind of short otherwise.

I love the stutter effects.

The bass at the end really is massive. Alas, you might have to carve it up with EQ to make it “sit”—though you can always feature it in a breakdown/solo section of the song…

nice job. it’ll be good to hear what you do with the ending, i love the switch up @1:44.

finaly i finish it.

but i do nothing with de sub-bass

Liking what I hear. But I am only listening on laptop speakers so can’t comment on the mixdown or the sub bass… ;)