Anyone ever tried making music on a VM before? I’m not talking a secondary machine here what I was wondering is if anyone’s ever used VMWare or another virtual technology to group a number of machines, say 5 into one large machine and tried to make music with it?

At the beginning of Renoise 1.9 (I believe that came with the first Linux support?), i used a virtual linux environment for testing.
But frankly, it sucks when it comes to latency. In the end i had organised an external HD drive with Linux and booted from that drive.
I think Dual booting remains the best compromise.

The most I have tried is one VM running Linux with a realtime kernel, and Renoise ran just fine in it, though you get two OSes worth of latency that way. I’m not sure what you mean by grouping several machines into one large machine using virtualization. Which is to say, I didn’t know that sort of thing was possible. Could you say more about this?