Vocal Synth Vst

I think a topic like this has been posted before but I can’t find the link anywhere sorry, just wondering if there is a free vst out there that can produce noises that sound like talking and quite robotic, or if there is a vst out there that you can type in words and then the output is speech, like windows sam


I’m not aware of any VSTs as such, but there are these standalone applications:

http://www.research.att.com/~ttsweb/tts/demo.php (web based )

http://unaesthetic.net/st/dl.shtml (Shit Talker)

Also FL Studio has contained within it something almost identical to Shit Talker.

Hope that helps.


Farbrausch V2

thanks a lot guys will check these out :)

Might like to try a vocoder. It places the spectral eq pattern from (example) a synth sound onto a vocal sample

a quick search gave this free? vst

A delay effect with Short delay times can be used for that 80s electro robotic/metallic effect too.
Opening and closing band pass filters produces vocal sounds too

Keith how do you get farbrausch to say words though? i have clicked on the voice box and typed in stuff but all i get it synth sounds no proper words would appreciate the help mate cheers

this seems like the boy Cantor 2 but look at the price! wondering if anyone knows of an other vst which offers the same things as this

take a look over here.
the topicstarter is linking to an RNS file in which the V2 is used speech-wise.
link is still working, so just give it a check and see how it works.
i also recommend reading KB’s short README.TXT, where he briefly explains a few basics concerning the speech engine and its special phoneme commands. the readme is bundled with the V2’s zip file.

cheers keith for the help

Farbrausch V2 freezes Renoise then blue-screens XP every time I close the last instance of it.