Hi to everyone… B)

I would like to inform everyone that an awesome program is about to come into the world music scene. It’s Vocaloid, developed by Yamaha during the past years: this software is capable of simulating a human SINGING voice, with all its peculiar features (vibrato, tremolo, expression, ecc…). I listened to some examples of it on its website Vocaloid Homepage and it’s totally amazing! :guitar: :yeah:

take a look at it… :ph34r:

PS: it probably will be released before the summer, and some companies already preapred the so-called Vocaloid libraries, capable of reproducing the voice of famous singers, basing on their characteristics.

Vocaloid has been already released!

By the way, 3 bugfix-full 1.0.x releases were released in the next 3 days after releasing :D

We talked about it quite a lot in the OffTopic forum (where this other thread also belongs to :)).

Still think it sounds best as background-vocals (Ensemble)

So, all you mutes out there, don’t get your hopes up!


No but seriously, this can be big.