Vocals For Producers

Hello again, I wrote this song 5 years ago and want to get it finished. :)

Anybody who want to can produce something with these lyrics, just remember to credit me ;)

Download my recorded vocals here

I have an original production, but it is so horrible I don’t want to upload it! Surprise me with your results, concider it a kind of beatbattle. B)

And I’m happy to provide space. :P

Will work on my own version very soon as well, exited to hear what you guys can do with this!

Exellent idea!

Let’s really make this into a real compo!!!

We’ll worry about voting rules and whatnot later.

The real question now is…who else is interested? :smiley:

The file is corrupt? Can’t extract it…

My bad, uploading uncompressed wav-file now. (23mb)

Anybody with slow connection want an OGG?

Fixed, it’s linked on the top page in Henriettes post now.

I extracted it just fine, but I guess it doesn’t matter now.

great… i will try to find some time to mess with these great vocals… ;)

That is soooo damned cool :) Thanks a lot :) Starting right away

But to be honest. Seems quite a difficult task for me. I noticed that you’re listening to a metronome but it would surely help to know how much bpms the vocals are (don’t want to cut them to pieces) :)

yeah, i had same thoughts, im not even sure does it have 4/4 signature… or somehting else… anyway, i think i will cut them to peaces… :)

Fits like a glove to 75 bpm (speed 3) it seems. Or, as Sewen pointed out, 150 bpm. :P

The original production was made in Buzz, don’t have that but I matched the mp3 she sung to in Renoise.

Maybe I’ll make a dedicated webpage for this, humm…

merci Cherie.

I took my first stab at these lyrics and I can barely contain myself.

They are nice and slow… very dark (what I chose to use anyway) and goes ever so nicely with the song I started the other day.

I am hoping some others will enjoy it as much as I do listening.



Scary, scary, scary! :D

Even though it’s not my style you’ve captured what I felt when I wrote it. I felt the dark, disturbing mood crawling down my skin…

And, you were fast! :)

Though, I feel it could need some more variation, I missed some of the other vocals, like “heal me”.

Sounds like something from a sick film! Like about a war or somethign. Fitting for Pink Floyd perhaps? Hehe…

I cannot thank you enough for sharing those lyrics with the rest of us. I have been on a musical high for the past couple of hours.

I need to get out and get a breath of fresh air.

I am sorry to pick apart some of it. I will work with it more today and see about incorporating “heal me” and some of the other lyrics.

Thanks again!

If you loop the chorus (The part where she sings evenly spaced words), you’ll see that it’s around 75-80 bpm like sagosen said.

I used this to tap it out: http://www.b-boys.com/beatcounter.html

Double Post. :-/

I started something with these vocals… Just some sort of “pre-viz” ;)


Nice vocals!
Sounds like a fun assignment!
I just wish I got some time, pretty busy at the moment… We’ll see :)

pretty nice ;) would love to hear it when finished!

I’ll do my best :D

Edit: Uploaded new version (Same Link as before)