Vocalwriter And Renoise

Hi folks,
has anyone ever tried using VocalWriter in Renoise. I would like to try linking it via midi but can’t seem to get it to work. ( basically using Renoise to trigger VocalWriter, is this possible? )
Thanks in advance.

Yes it’s possible. Can’t give you detailed instructions, deleted Vocal Writer. Check both midi settings for VW & Renoise.

ok, thanks. I will keep trying then.

Ok so, I pulled up VW again > btw, the following instructions are based on Mac’s IAC bus drivers > I don’t know what your midi set up is but part of the focus is on…

• Renoise > preferences > Midi Clock Master Out Device = (midiYoke; IAC bus; etc.)

  • I have mine set up as “IAC Driver (IAC Bus1)”

• Renoise > Instrument Settings > Midi Properties > Device = (midiYoke; IAC bus; etc.)

  • I have mine set up as “IAC Driver (IAC Bus1)”
  • the instrument/sample box on the top right should say “MIDI chan.1”

• Vocal Writer > MIDI > Input Setp (midiYoke; IAC bus; etc.)

  • I have mine set up as “IAC Driver (IAC Bus1)”

If you have JACK audio or Soundflower, you can reroute the audio & record into Renoise. Didn’t try during this course but I remember messing about back a few months, but my memories are ƒU©k∑D, so I could be wrong.

that’s brilliant, will try it. Thanks for taking the time and the info. much appreciated.

edit* Ok, so i got that working, and I can trigger the sounds from Vocal Writer in Renoise, but I still can’t seem to trigger Vocal Writer to play its own sequence from Renoise.
Thanks again.

From what I see, VocalWriter doesn’t have MIDI Clock Sync for synchronizing to other equipment
From what I see, VocalWriter only has MIDI Input, which is different from MIDI Clock Sync
To conclude, you can trigger instruments in VW but not playback your VW sequences using Renoise

I imagine you can re-write the sequence in Renoise

yes, it looks that way, thanks anyway.

This was motivating
If I come across anything useful, I’ll post if necessary, with audio or visual examples