Vocoder VSTis

I’m curious as to how compatible Renoise is with Vocoder vstis such as Vocator and OrangeVocoder. It’s not a biggy for me, i havent had a use for them, but i know friends who use the extensively and are more or less bound to their current Cubase setup.
I havent found a way of getting any of the vsts to work properly in the renoise context, specifically i havent found ways of routing data to the vsti properly. Vocoders require more than one input as we know, carrier and modulator signals as well as tone frequencies. I’m wondering if there is a way of linking two tracks to the same vsti one way or another. I peeked at the midi devices but frankly i couldnt make any sense of it (i missed the midi train years ago).

Are there any plans for making this easier? The way it is now each track seems to be a planet of its own apart from when using sendtracks.

I remember there being a few posts about this subject. Try searching for it. I dabbled with Vocoder’s, but can’t remember much of it. It did work though.

I remember testing with a vocoder (don’t remember which one though) which worked by sending the carrier panned max left and the modulator panned max right. So you would set up two tracks for this sending them out to a send track with the vocoder and muting the two first tracks. This way you only get mono though. :(