Vocoders In Renoise?

I’ve recently switched to Renoise after using Cubase for about 5 years.
I started out with FT2 so I’m loving the old vertical way of doing things. :D

The one thing I miss from Cubase though is the Vocoder plugin, which doesnt work with renoise.

This is becuase the Stienberg Vocoder is in fact a VSTi and an Effect at the same time. It generates notes from a MIDI input (source), meanwhile an audio input (formant) is applied to the synthesised notes to produce the Vocoded effect.

Is there any way of getting a Vocoder to work in Renoise?

Will future versions of Renoise support dual-input plugins?

Firstly, welcome back to good old tracking :)

To your first question:

Renoise vocoder thread

There is an explaination on how to use a vocoder in the above thread. I don`t know however if this will work with the Steinberg vocoder. There are other vocoders mentioned there if not.

If it doesn`t work and you really want to use the Steinberg plug then you could always try using energyXT as a VSTi in renoise, and try using the vocoder from within that. The following thread from KVR has a free vocoder input plugin that apparently can be used in conjunction wit XT for this purpose.

KVR thread

As far as saving your presets etc you will have to check whether the demo of XT will allow you to do that (have only tried the demo briefly before myself so afraid cannot tell you) or whether you may need to register XT if you want to do it this way. At least with the demo you may be able to test the usability of this.

Excellent! I’ll try that.


If you have some spare money on your pockets, check this one:

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Or orange vocoder, www.prosoniq.com