Voice Needed

damn the song didn’t save my drum… bah… wtf…

Post a link to your demo.


here is it again… (i think)

Well this is very much not my style of music (maybe when I was 13…?). And you’ve got vox in there, albiet very unsoulful vox. ???

you mean you feel too old to listen to boomy music ? :)
anyway :walkman: boom ! :)

It isn’t usually my style, but there’s something I really like about the way the bassline is done. I’m a little confused though as to why you’re wanting vocals put on there if you already have some vocals on there now. Are those samples of someone else? Are they something that’s part of a music volume? Can you post a version of the song that doesn’t cut off at 1:26? I’d be interested in trying some vocals for it, but I’d need a longer clip than that, and to be blunt, if those vocals at the beginning really are from some music volume or taken from someone else and you still want them to be in the song no matter what, I’m probably not interested–if they’re from someone you know or someone you had come in, then that’s cool, and if you want someone to replace them, that’s cool too. I don’t do remixes unless it’s a remix of someone that I know at their request, but that’s it.

WTF?!? I listen to way more heavier stuff than this fluffy pop stuff. I make heavier stuff too: ya basta or rusted tides or academia

I could say you’re being immature assuming you know anything about be, but then I’d be immature for doing so.

Anyway, I hope you find a real singer, or try singing yourself.

waow, you seems pretty “excited” for nothing, i was just “taunting” you exactly the same way you did when you said that this was music for 13 years old… stay cool, be happy, you know…

its a VSTI, vocal forge to be more precise, it’s fun to play around with it but these are not exactly what i really want, i just used’em to give me a feeling + it stops at 1:26 because it’s unfinished but you got the idea.

anyway thanks for your offer i should have precised i wanted female vocals, and seeing your avatar beard & stuff i guess you’re not :), but with the internet who knows :P

tis cool :). Good luck with your stuff.

I actually like this when the beat kicks in. :)

…and I can’t download. W00t?

just checkd, works fine with me.

Worked for me now as well, the server must have been temporarily down.

Anyway, vocal forge sounds quite useful, as well as something I couldn’t afford right now, hehe. But I’ve got my own singer at home, so I guess I’m all good. ;)

The tune sounds good, par with any other dance hit out there. If you get the rest right as well you could surely get this on some goliath-collection or something, nice work!

cool, i like it! keep it up

new version (same url).

what do you think of the voice tempo btw :45 & 1:00, i can’t figure out if it’s ok or not (that’s the problem with sampled voice :P not very flexible)

update: actually i scrapped that part, it didn’t feel good :)