Voice Recording And Patterns

I’m planning to buy Renoise because I’m old tracker fun. Can you please tell me if Renoise have support for voice recording.

I would like to record everything in renoise, so when I play my voice channel then I don’t want to begin from begining where note for voice is put in track, but anyware in track when I press play immediately plays also this sound.

Is there something for that? And some other good features. I’m recording rap music, and for now I have just tested CubaseSX which is good but can play samples so good as other trackers.

And in CubaseSX I don’t have so much creativity.

Also will Renoise maybe have patterns to join and make songs from patterns fast as that is possible in Buzztracker or maybe just like in Cubase.
So that I dont need to copy track by track in every new pattern, but just arrange tracks.

Thank you, and renoise rock’s.

at the moment there is no recording feature into sample editor.

this feature has been already added to the to-do list.

if you will register, you can vote it on the poll’s page

there is a way however if you use cooledit pro or its successor adobe audition.

this program is controllable via midi-notes, and if you use midi-yoke or a similar midi-routing program, you can start recording in cooledit perfectly timed to renoise.

there was a post on the old forum where someone (I even think it was me, but I dont know anymore, it was so long ago) explained how to do it.

basically you setup a midi-instrument in renoise, use midi-yoke to patch the MIDI-Output of renoise into cooledit and in cooledit you setup the record button for some midi-note. then, whenever you play that note in renoise, recording in cooledit gets started.
which means, if you put that note in the first line of your song, recording starts in sync with renoise.

I don’t know much about MIDI syncing cool edit so I’m not the right person to comment it… however as you say recording your sound cards output seems an awkward way to do it… as you say quality is reduced. Instead I would just record the sound card line in (song, guitar or whatever) in cool edit while Renoise is playing. Then trim the sample a bit and load it into Renoise, sync it up with your song and render it!

Another suggestion is to render the song, then you can have it play back in
a recording program while recording (the program must support monitoring,
so you don’t record the rendered song as well…). Then you won’t have any
problems with synchronizing Renoise and the recording program.

Actually Martin’s way gives the same possiblities as you can record the input to a separate track and then just use it to continue on the song in Renoise. It means another step, but on the other hand less CPU if that’s a problem.

Run Renoise with the track while recording in cool edit or some other software…


Save your song as a .wav file and play it in winamp or some other software while recording in a different software…


Burn your CD and listen to it while recording…

All artists do it this way. Listen to “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera, and you can hear the music from her headphones while she sings in the end of the song.

Download Acapella versions of various songs. You can clearly hear the music from the headphones here also.

… my major point about rendering to wav before recording was that you can then use the same software for recording external audio (song, guitar, whatever) and playback (monitoring) of the precreated Renoise song (beats or whatever you’ve made so far), ensuring better synchronizing and avoiding any problems using multiple audio programs could cause. I just don’t see why a third software needs to enter the issue :blink: Then you could almost just as well have used Renoise to monitor the song in the first place (resolving eventual CPU problems being the only advantage I see).