Voice To Midi

How about puting notes in pattern editor by simple whistling into mic?

Is there any software that works as virtual midi (mean so I can connect it with renoise), and allow to do such thing?

I hate to use foul language on the internet, but fruity studio (via Edison, have to use this part of fl, too) does a nice audio to midi conversion.

Akoff music composer is another alternative if you don’t want to make your hands dirty on the first suggestion.

O thats not the point :) It just my hands cant make on keyboard (lack of practice) what is in my brain:), but like any of us I can whistle it note by note.

I instaled Gtune vst it works fine for me :)

It does not output midi, does it? Would be kick-ass feature to record notes to pattern data from audio source. But not worth the effort of coding it I guess.

With virtual MIDI cables it could be possible tho. Dunno if AKoff Composer is capable of real-time midi output of translated signal?

anything of this kind for linux?