Void Pointer - Buttercup


Rolling Techno with a touch of atmospheric pads.

Enjoy B)

Love it even more than the original :D Thanks for sharing!!


It’s a follow-up to Oorzaak?

Awesome. That’s what I was aiming for! :)

Nope. It’s a remake of an old track of mine from 2005. I recently listened to it again and thought it deserved something better. It was mixed down horrible for example, it sounded crap on a big PA.
The structure of the song remained intact, but I’ve replaced alot of samples and mixed down the whole alot better. It could’ve been even better if I left the “peak EQ loop”, the signature sound of the original, out. But alot of people complained it was gone so I had no choice :)

Thanks for the comments!

Way better than the original, the rhythm still rocks! Very good mix. Highly enjoyable.

Great tune dude,
this herb of techno you have started growing lately is very refreshing and solid.
keep up the good work!

Thank you very much :)

A small bump for VP, a giant leap for VP-domination!

Now available on Beatport :)