Void Pointer - Fundament

Hi guys,

This is a tribute to Chris Liebing’s older work. You can expect some rolling, oldschool Techno :)


(Edit vv:testing new soundcloud option in mediatag)



i really loved this. if i had to search for a criticism i’d say that the mix was a little muddy but maybe you weren’t going for an ultra clean feel as you said this is supposed to be old school ;)

da - da - da - da -da - da

Very nice production true to the “tuneless” techno spirit.
Definitely ready for big PA!!

This is bloody awesome! :yeah: :drummer:

Thanks guys! :D

woooooooooo! :yeah:

This is almost the kind of washing machine techno I love. Quite the drive going on.

Hooray for washing machine techno!

Oh, that’s plain sweeeeet, mate~ Really. =]

Great stuff! I love the powerful overall sound.