Void Pointer - Huppelkut

As you can see I just love love love experimenting with weird things from time to time, and this is just the perfect example of one of those thousand things I am making all the time. Except this one is finished, ofcourse ;)

Naturally this isn’t my best song or anything, neither is it perfect, I’m not aiming for mass downloads or similar, I just want to show you with this song I am not cheese all-the-way :excited: Rules in this one are simple… Beat -> Mass reverb -> -50db limiting :drummer:

And heh, don’t complain about distorting or too loud mp3’s, I just luv it :yeah: I hope you do too :walkman:


:w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Very interesting sound :yeah:
Also appreciate progression and small details.
Only one minus - it’s shorty! Want more and slowly progressing
2 many ideas in short amount of time. IMO you should extend it ;)

very cool. i kept expecting it to blow up in my face into a full on drill&bass track and it never happened. excellent restraint shown there. i think if i was working on something with this much potential energy, i would have made it full on HEAVY. very nice drum programming especially with some of the parts near the beginning. you could do WICKED drill&bass music man

edit: i agree that it should be longer though :walkman:

Not really my sort of thing,

good variety of different sounds in there though,

Like the vocal and beat mashing in some places,

has a definite very atmosphere.

One to watch the speakers for :)

hahahaha, fark yeah I dig the idea !!

you might want to check the reverb’s predelay though, you could
give an entirely different swing to the rythm.

but okay … this track is fukkin excellentemento, gots a unique flavour to
it and I especially like the way the rythms are mangled and drowned
in that immense atmosphere …

I agree though … there is a lot of room for MORE … you could exploit
this idea beyond any border and even try out some different layers
on top of wot’s already there … just ideas though …

Fukk yeah I like this ! :yeah:

Wooohooo, thank you all for the nice replies :drummer:

About the lenght… well, it was innitially just a little experiment so my intention wasn’t to build a full lenght song - I respect your thoughts though :)

Really cool sound - sounds like it’s been mixed by Plastikman and Muslimgauze. :walkman: