Void Pointer - I Like Hamsters

Hamsters are cool.


Kinky! :D

crazy stuff, i like it !

After listening I’m happy I don’t know about your experiences with hamsters.

Heard a song by a friend and his buddy about smashing hamsters at a party over the weekend and hadn’t listened to this but remembered it being posted. Thought it may turn out to be one and the same but alas not, just strange coincidence.

Quite a fun little track though :)

Dutch renoisers seem to all ways make good bass tracks… Nice automation at the beginning, could see it wubbing along nicely in a club

That lead is pretty cool too, track does seem quite empty at points though… maybe a few more pads to fill out a bit?

I could see the lead coming back towards the end with completely a mental beat… syncopation all over my face…

Holland lies below the ocean’s surface, so it’s closest to hell.

i bet the kraken makes fucking awesome dubstep…