Void Pointer - Oorzaak

Here is some rolling techno, made with the new 2.1 beta.


Enjoy :drummer:

I enjoyed definitly!

offtopic alert
That made me think!
“de oorzaak” was also a vinyl store in rotterdam with electronic music ;)
I used to buy a lot there! but they didn’t survive :(

Nice one, I like the ‘relentless’ driving rhythm / beat

Addictive sound, very hypnotizing!

ik was helemaal vergeten dat techno zo vet kan zijn !!! nice²

very cool track

this is the style i used to love drumcode for.
i mean, i was expecting a good track by you, but this… absolutely awesome.
so well put off techno. like it³ !! you’re absolutely hitting a nerve here.

the transition at 5:43… i can hear the club crowd going all like “wooooo!” aw man,…,. so nicely delicate :>
mastering/mixing couldn’t be any better imo.

aah, nice one!
i love it. good drive, good variations… sounds great.
well done :)

Damn I love the groove. Not really a fan of the synth pads coming in, but the beat is awesome. Sounds very delicate, especially the overall mix.

Thanks guys. These comments mean alot to me! :)

hey VP, are you getting my PMs?

contact me, we gotta talk ;)

Sorry folks, I had to take the high quality mp3 offline because some labels are showing interest! You can still listen the song at my MySpace though! Thanks for the feedback :drummer:

awesome! well deserved dude.
let us know what happens, when it happens :D

Alrighty then VP! There you go! Hopefully this oppertunity gives you a boost in climbing the top. Like already mentioned, you deserve it!

Yay!!! B)

tof liedje nice song

Void Pointer - Oorzaak on Beatport :yeah:

w00t-er-dee-fukkin-doo :D

Yeah, it was pretty fucking awesome. Too bad the crowd was a bit mild… those silly farmers only go wild when they had gazilions gallons of beer :lol: