Void Pointer - Stoorzender

This is the first thing I made when I got my circuit bent TR-505, I also dusted off my Jomox Airbase99 to support it a little :)

It is basicly one big jamming session with the 505, with some live-played leads. I’m very fond of the result. I wouldn’t know in what genre you could place this, so I suggest you just take a listen. :)

Many thanks to Jeffrey van der Schilden (yeah, the guy from Easily Embarrassed :P ) for mastering.

320kbs MP3
192kbs MP3

Comments are appreciated :walkman:

This is pretty slick stuff, and some sweet melodic moments. Maybe reminds me slightly of some Tipper. Excellent mix and master.

Totally sweet.

Thank you both! :w00t:

Really interesting and engaging track VP! I love the sort of oriental vibe of the flute type sound in the first part of the track. The synth line mid-track is awesome in its squishy squelchiness.

Great work!

BTW, did you bend the TR-505 yourself?

No, a german guy called Lonestar did it for me. You can find him on IRC (#modarchive@espernet). He can bend other machines for you if you like :)

I agree with everybody else, this song is sweet.

Cool. I asked because that’s something that I’ve been thinking of getting into and doing it myself … I might just get in touch with him though. Thanks for the info!