Void Pointer - Strawberry

Here’s a small tune made for my girlfriend Rivkele. We’re two and a half years together and still going strong, woohoo :yeah:

192kbs MP3

Almost all sounds come from my Roland Juno-106.

Enjoy :)

Your stuff is getting stronger each new release… I’m not fond of everything you release… but i guess this one will go to my car audio collection as well…

Cool tune as usual :walkman:

Thank you ^_^

Vet! Nice dub & tight production, I noticed I was adding some ‘double time’ beats in my head while listening, maybe something to add around 2.40 to spice up the drum section?

Made me shiver in a positive way in the middle part. Very good job. Those Juno sounds are.

SICK track, my friend…!!! I’m not sure what to say, I’m really digging the overall flavour, loving the atmosphere, loving the execution of your ideas, loving the sounddesign, loving the progression of this drama. Deeply impressed!!

We’re putting this on repeat, thank you very much

Cheers fella’s! Means alot :)