Voltage Controlled Mind

Hello, I’m not so good as others here, but I would like to share my works with this comunity.
I want to anounce one of my newst song until now. There is a comment on the song description, but I would like to hear your opinions about this work. This is the second work I made using Renoise 1.5.2, and I’m very comfortable with the program’s potential. I reach a quality I couldn’t using other trackers, like Modplug, or it’s easier for me using this program. Whatever, the song was made only with the built-in effects and samples, no VST used here but I’m experimenting with them.

The song is avialable in MP3 because there are special things that I like how it sounds on the MP3 and not the module. The only problem I found is that the module sounds diferent if you play it many times, the effects and other divices doesn’t start in the same state (obviously), it’s a good thing but sometimes I don’t like changes it makes.

Well, I’ll leave you with the song, I belive you know where to find it. I hope you like it. Any comment or anything is welcome.


See ya

  1. I’m unable to find the URL of your song…?!

  2. about the everchanging parameters value: you should set them in your first pattern in order to avoid this problem. also, make sure you have enable the “pattern follow” option.

I’m so sorry, I thougth you know where to look for, my mistake. The song is in the “Songs” section, the name is easy to remember.

About the parameters, the lfo are the problems, not the other parameters, the first time that are playend, all of them start syncronized, but after a second play, the position is diferent, the doesn’t stop until the song is closed.

Lfo’s 101: Wouldn’t use them if I didn’t know this

Nice song! It could use more variation melodywise, I think, but it sounds absolutely flawless.

But why 1.5.2 and not 1.9.0 RC2?

Thanks for your comment. I started using that version, and I’m experimenting with the 1.9, the thing is that I started the song with the older version and while I was doing that, 1.9 appears.

these are some bitchin synths man

straight out of the '80s. The good '80s.