Volume Changes On A Note In Renoise

With Rewire, will I be able to use Renoise as sequencer and trigger a note in Reason, then change the volume of the note in renoise with the volume column and have that change the volume playing in Reason? This is what I’ve always lacked in using midi from Renoise (because I can do it with a sample in Renoise).

should be able to. can’t you try it?

although I never used Rewire, I suspect this task requires a MIDI message, am I wrong?

In such case, you could either try sending a Control Change #07 or use Channel Pressure. Both tasks are easily feasible using the new Midi-Control Device:

When I was midi routing (before rewire) to reason the volume column seemed to be registered as velocity in reason whenever a note on was sent. you could make sure velocity is modulating volume in the instrument receiving midi/rewire.

How exactly does channel pressure work? is it an alternative route for velocity or just a normal cc type thing with a “dedicated” title?

Oh ok. All you need to do is use any cc from the device ITalien has shown and send it to whichever volume slider in reason. If you wanted to control it from the volume column use the velocity device to modulate that cc slider => however, I think this will still slide renoise volume aswell as your instrument in reason and it’s velocity on top of that. So maybe modulate that cc from its own pattern effect/envelope?