Volume Column + Vsti?

Love the program devs, keep up the excelent work :D

Just a thought… I’ve been working with VST instruments alot, and I’ve had a bit of frustration using them… mainly in respect to having control over the volume. One of the things I enjoy with samples is the ability to turn the volume on and off while the sample is playing… however, the volume column in the Renoise pattern editor doesn’t seem to affect VSTis at all. I’ve been using the Gain DSP as a workaround, but I don’t like using DSPs when I don’t have to. Is there any way to get a VSTi to work with the pattern volume, or am I outa luck?

Question #2: anyone know of any decent volume gate VSTs? I’ve tried dfx skidder, but it’s auto-tempo thingy doesn’t seem to synch to Renoise that well. It would be an added bonus if I could find one that will do random volume gating (ala Nine Inch Nails) perhaps with perlin noise or something…

While I’m on it… is there any way to change the velocity of a VSTi note? When I’m using a VSTi piano (or even a VSTi synth for that matter), I’d like to be able to make some notes quieter than others… I can’t seem to figure out how to do that :(

normally if you set a note for an instrument that is a vsti and you enter a volume for that note it sets the velocity. maybe you are doing something wrong, the volume in Renoise goes from 40 to 00 (full volume/velocity to mute/zero velocity, its hexadecimal).

so c-4 20 means half velocity for a vsti.

volume changes without a note dont work for vsti’s which makes sense, in the midi world you cant change the velocity of a note once its triggered (stuff like that is handled with envelopes, LFOs or aftertouch if at all)

as for a gater, go pick one.

personally I am using killergate+, but I dont like it too much, its just the best I found so far.

when i first started using renoise i had this same issue with vsti and volume. i found some kind of command that would cut the whole volume to the channel without doing a note off… (forget the command though)… but then i discovered automations and i love them dearly

the 0Cxx command allows you to do that but, as looza said, VST (and MIDI) instruments cannot change velocity after triggering

but actually the 0Cxx command might also not work like expected.

let me explain this further, we have some sort of chain that your audio gets routed trough.

first you have your track in the pattern, there an instrument gets triggered (at a specific volume), this one goes into the effect-chain you created for that instrument, at the level you specify with 0Cxx.

this is different from FT2 or IT, where the trackvolume really defined the volume that your track has in the final mix.

now take a pad for example, play this and chop it using 0CFF and 0C00 commands, it sounds like you expect, but now drop a reverb in the effect-list and you will instantly hear what I mean. This 0Cxx does only set the volume at which your track goes into the effect chain.

If you also want to gate that reverb you would have to set a gainer as last effect in the effectchain and automate that one. (sorry, I am too lazy too look it up right now, its something like X100 and X13B to switch between off and 0db, the X being the number that the gainer has in the effect chain. someone correct me if I am wrong.)

or use a gater VST, ofcourse. :D

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that my velocity issue has to do with a specific VSTi: Green Oak’s Crystal synth. I might just be missing a certain setting within it, but it only seems to be fairly binary when it comes to velocity… if the volume column has a 0 in it, it won’t play, and if it has anything above 0, it will… but at maximum velocity. I’m going to look again to see if there’s any settings inside the VST that have to do with Velocity… but I don’t think there are.

Thanks for everyone’s help btw… I’m going to check out some of those gates and see which ones work best.