Volume columns don't work properly in older xrns projects

After loading an older xrns project (some made on a Windows pc, some made on a Macbook, in both cases made with older versions of Renoise) into my Macbook Pro running Renoise 3.2.1 and listening to it, the commands in the volume columns sometimes just don’t work. When a note (starting a sample) is set with “00” in the volume column and later in the pattern set to “80” (what should be full volume), knowing that the sample is long enough to still be running when set to “80”, there’s just no sound. I know for sure there should be sound. I have this problem with ALL my older work. Is this a bug or am I missing something? By the way, I am running a demo version of Renoise.

If you go to the Song menu and select ‘Song Options…’, then under Playback Compatibility select the button ‘Upgrade to latest version’ (https://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Song_Options) does that at least bring back the correct volume playback(?)

(I agree technically it should work with the playback compatibility set to old. But there was revision from Renoise 2 to Renoise 3 regarding the instruments section etc… AFAICT it just cuts the sample playing after so many ticks with the ‘old’ playback mode.)

Yes, this brings back the correct volume playback. I am very happy it does. Thank you so much!